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Home Painting Tips How To Choose The Best Interior Paint Colors For An Open Floor Plan

How To Choose The Best Interior Paint Colors For An Open Floor Plan

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The open floor plan is rising in popularity, and rightfully so! This type of home layout helps any space feel bigger and more inviting, plus it helps family members stay connected even if they're technically in different areas of the home. But of course, for every pro, there is often a con, or at least a limiting factor you have to take into consideration. When it comes to an open floor plan, the thing you have to think about is how to choose the right color palette.

Once you do away with dividing walls, gone are the options for each room having its own unique individuality through wall colors. Now, your interior décor aesthetics are more about designing with the big picture in mind. From Armin Painting And Wallpapering, the painting contractor you can trust, take a look at the following article to learn about how to best make decisions for the interior paint in your open floor plan home.

Making the Most of Your Interior Painting

The key to satisfying interior painting for wide-open spaces is balance. Too much color can make a space feel busy and overwhelming, while not enough can offer you a drab space – and a lot of it. So how do you find a balance that works?

  • Go neutral without going boring. Use multiple neutral hues that play well off one another, like tan and cream. Or, go classic with black and white. Using a soft color palette for walls and a brighter, richer contrast color for accents and trims can make a dramatic statement.
  • Don't forget the importance and usefulness of using texture. You can keep a color palette subdued but still make the room's visual aesthetics pleasing with textured walls. You can even incorporate a brick wall to act as the focal point of your open space.
  • Use multiple colors, but choose wisely. For this to work, you need at least one shade of white or similar, a couple of neutral tones, and a few supporting colors. The idea is to create cohesiveness, not a clashing color palette.
  • Tone-on-tone is a great way to keep things simple without being too dull. Find two tones of the same color using one for the base and one for accents and trim. It creates depth without too much of a drastic contrast.

Add Accents Through Decor

Even if your space looks lackluster after painting, don't panic. Your furniture, rugs, accent pieces, and even architectural details are what will help add more depth and intensity. You can also look to exposed ceiling beams or adding crown molding to heighten the feeling of texture and intensity in your space. But keep in mind it is much easier to change throw pillows or an accent rug than your wall colors.

Experts Who Can Help

What is probably more important than any of this is making sure you have a reliable professional painting contractor to work with. The team here at Armin Painting And Wallpapering is ready, eager, and beyond capable of helping you make smart choices about your interior paint colors! The next time you want to spice up your home with new colors or simply restore the ones you've already got, you can count on us.


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