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Home Painting Tips Exterior Painting Tips for Investment Homes

Exterior Painting Tips for Investment Homes

Exterior painting investment homes

As an investment property owner, you want your homes to rent out quickly. One of the most affordable, best ways to make your investment property desirable to good renters is to get the exterior painting done.

You're planning an exterior painting project because you need the home to look better, so it rents quickly at the price you want. Drive-by renters will see the care you've given the property and will want to see the inside. No one wants to live in a home or condo that looks neglected. Even low-income renters will treat the property better if it looks great.

Whether you choose to get help from a painting contractor or your staff will do the work, there are certain things to consider before getting the project going. Here are a few tips from our pros to help you get excellent results.

Choose attractive exterior paint colors

  • The first exterior painting tip to know is to choose contrasting exterior paint colors for your investment property.
  • Monotone colors make the surface look dull. Any color scheme that is too close to others will seem institutional and flat instead of attractive.
  • The key to choosing new paint colors for investment homes is to choose one color that contrasts with two other colors.
  • Choose the primary color you want to use.
  • Then, choose an accent color and trim color. You can use the accent color for painting exterior walls or highlight an architectural feature. It's perfect for a balcony, porch, or front entry area.

Go pretty & bold for painting the exterior of apartment doors

The front doors of investment homes should attract the eye. Therefore, don't be afraid to choose a pretty bold color for your exterior painting project. Whether you are painting a small cottage home or an entire community of condos, your choice of door colors will affect how good your property looks to potential tenants and renters.

Make sure your exterior painting contractor starts with a smooth, clean surface

  • All old paint should be removed or scraped away.
  • The surface should get smoothed before exterior painting.
  • Caulk around windows or remove old caulk at the door, or else imperfections will show through the exterior paint after it dries.
  • Also, make sure that the exterior of your apartments is clean before painting. If you don't start with a clean surface, the primer won't adhere well and could bubble, blister, or lift at the edges.

Exterior painting for investment homes is already another investment made, so be sure to protect yourself by getting the surfaces ready for the new paint first.


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